Books Available Now

Heron Clan III. $10.00 free postage

Heron Clan V. $12.00 free postage

Heron Clan VII. $15.00 free postage

Heron Clan VIII $20.00 Free postage.

Three Gainesville Poets, Dan Fitzpatrick, Ed Lyons, Doug Stuber, Five Bucks plus postage for f $3.00 = $8.00. Ten left.

Wachovia, Ed Lyons, $10.00 free postage. This is a lyrical history of the Moravian Church

Catholic, (Surviving Abuse and Other Dead End Roads) Skip Shea. $10.00 free postage

We Invent Our Prayers, Elio Soldi. $20.00 free postage.

Paper Hearts, Nadine Hayes. $10.00 free postage.

Published by dougstuber

poet, artist, musician, activist, journalist, visiting professor Chonnam National University. I played in a variety of bands for 15 years around the Mid-Atlantic (US) and still show art all over the world. I am an art critic and have a cultural column in the Mudeung Ilbo here in Gwangju. If you want a hard copy of any of my books, which are poetry, except for "Modern Russian History" email me at

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